Outdoor Portrait Photography and Outdoor Family Portraits

My name is Cheryl Haines, and outdoor portrait photography has been my passion for over 20 years. Because I love being outdoors, I’ve spent countless hours creating outdoor environments for your beautiful outdoor family portraits. You see, I don’t like fake backgrounds, special effects, or harsh flash – give me beautiful, natural light and real trees and flowers any day!

I offer flexible hours in a casual country setting. Come sit on the beach, climb the boulders in the mountain area, or just enjoy the beauty of the gardens. You’ll have a great time, and it will show in your portraits.

Because I am a laid-back perfectionist, I will spend up to 2 hours on your session. I only schedule 3 sessions a day (this is NOT your typical “take–a–number photography studio”) so call now and we can time your outdoor family portraits to match your favorite time.