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Outdoor Portrait Photography and Outdoor Family Portraits

My name is Cheryl Haines, and outdoor portrait photography has been my passion for over 20 years. Because I love being outdoors, I’ve spent countless hours creating outdoor environments for your beautiful outdoor family portraits. You see, I don’t like fake backgrounds, special effects, or harsh flash – give me beautiful, natural light and real trees and flowers any day!

I offer flexible hours in a casual country setting. Come sit on the beach, climb the boulders in the mountain area, or just enjoy the beauty of the gardens. You’ll have a great time, and it will show in your portraits.

Because I am a laid-back perfectionist, I will spend up to 2 hours on your session. I only schedule 3 sessions a day (this is NOT your typical "take–a–number photography studio") so call now and we can time your outdoor family portraits to match your favorite time.

Outdoor Portrait Photography, Outdoor Family Portraits


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